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What are you going to do different than other agents?

What I am going to do is simply this: Get your property sold for top dollar. That is what you want, right? My goal is not “different.” My sole focus is on delivering you the best results. What I can guarantee is that when you hire me, you will NOT have your house sitting on the market and not selling.


What if we have an interested buyer from the previous listing?

No problem. We can discuss the details of your specific situation when we meet and make sure that everyone is taken care of and treated fairly, including you, the potential buyer, and any other agent(s) involved. My commitment is to helping you get the best results. Period.  


Should we take our house off the market for a while to reset the “Days On Market” to Zero on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

How long a property has been “on the market” definitely matters, because when a house sits on the market for a long time buyers begin to wonder, “What’s wrong with that house.” There are a number of factors that affect whether keeping the house off the market for a while is actually an advantage or disadvantage for you. When we meet we will discuss your specific circumstances, the market, and our selling strategy to determine what is best for you. 


Why should I interview you?

Here are the top 3 reasons that you would…want to hire me:

• Because I sell every listing…for top dollar.

• Because I guarantee my results….

• Because I care about what’s important to you.


Where were you when my house was on the market before?

This a great question. The short answer is because your house wasn't a match for any of the buyers I was working with while your home was on the market. However, that happened because, unfortunately, my focus wasn’t on selling your property. Unlike most agents, once you hire me, I do not market other agents’ listings. My focus will be on selling your home for top-dollar. Period. And that is what our 20-Step Selling System does every time.


How are you going to market my home?

Our 20-Step Selling System insures that your home is exposed rapidly and repeatedly to ALL of the qualified buyers in the market using a combination of the best online and offline marketing channels and strategies until your property is sold.


How long am I committed to listing with you?

Normally listing agreements are signed for [6 to 12] months.  Our listing agreement will be for [4] months, however my Client Satisfaction Guarantee will allow you to cancel the listing agreement after [30] days if we do not have it sold or if you feel like I am not doing my job. 

 Got Questions?  We've Got Answers...
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