Your Home Sold At Full Market Value In Under 18 Days...

Our Exclusive 18-Day Home Selling System

....Your Home Sold at Full Market Value within 18 Days.......

So How Are We Different????

Our fast 18 Day Home Selling System places Sellers in Control of the Home Selling Process

With The Old School Real Estate Selling Model, Buyers Have Always Dominated with Control of the Process

Buyers decide:
• When to see the house (random, inconvenient showings drawn out over days, weeks or months)
• When to make an offer
• How much a house is worth and thus how much to offer
• The closing date that’s convenient for THEM
In COMPARISON our Home Selling system significantly returns Control to Sellers (as it should be)!

Sellers Enjoy:
• The convenience of compressed showings (multiple buyers coming to see the house at the same time) when most suitable for the seller
• Buyers are given a TIME AND DATE of when submission of their best offers are due.
• The system which is a hybrid selling model in which we are able to create a competitive selling scenario, thus driving up the perceived value of your home and sales price. The system highly increases the plausibility of selling at or above the starting list price.
• The ease of evaluating offers after the deadline and selecting only an offer with price and terms which benefits you primarily. You have no obligation to sell if you have not received an offer that is to your liking.

A Seamless and More Convenient Home Selling Process!

Our 18 Day Home Selling System Has a Proven and Tested Process for Selling Your Home Quickly and at the Highest Profit without the hassle of a long term listing agreement..

HERE IS OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: We will get your home SOLD within the first 18 days of the property being put on the market at current Full Market Value for the property. The Full Market Value represents the highest and best offer that the current market will bear.
Sell Quickly, Conveniently, and for More Money.
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